At Tendo Jobs we want to make it as easy as possible for employers to recruit high calibre candidates and job hunters to find work at at the companies they wish to work at. We believe recruitment should be simple which is why Tendo Jobs has been developed as a fully transparent system for all parties involved.

Our proprietary ApplicantRank and JobRank algorithms have been designed to promote the best applicants for the job to the employer which increases the chances of job hunters being invited to interview along with promoting high quality job listings in the search results when job hunters are searching for jobs.



"Tendo Jobs, linking job hunters directly with employers"


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Tendo Jobs is a trading name of Contrado Digital Ltd
The Innovation Centre
1 Evolution Park
Haslingden Road

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Tendo Jobs is the result of over 2 years research and development to bring you what you see today. The person behind Tendo Jobs is Michael Cropper, our Managing Director. After discussing with thousands of businesses in this time about the challenges they face when recruiting the right talent into their business, it was clear that sophisticated technology could solve the recruitment problem most businesses face. The main problems being around finding the perfect applicant for the job along with filtering through the endless CVs to try and pick out these great applicants. Tendo Jobs makes recruitment simple, transparent and cost effective for employers by linking job hunters directly with employers in an extremely efficient way by throwing the traditional CV out of the window.



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Michael Cropper, Founder of Tendo Jobs