Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

I Forgot My Password

Please use the Forgot Password feature to be emailed a unique link to allow you to reset your password on the website.


I Forgot My Username

Your username is your email address such as


How Do I Change My Password

Login to your dashboard and you can change your password within here.


Will My Contact Information Be Sold to Third Parties?



How Do I Know Emails from Tendo Jobs are Legitimate?

The only emails you will receive from Tendo Jobs will be notifications to check your account at Emails are an extremely insecure form of communication which can be easily spoofed by hackers which is why we will never include any personal information in email communications and instead will always direct you to the website.

As an added form of security, we always recommend opening the website directly within your web browser by typing in and not clicking on any links in emails. Spoofing links within emails is a common way hackers can steal your account login details which can be prevented when you type in the website address directly into your web browser.

The only email you will receive from Tendo Jobs where you are required to click on a link within the email is your initial registration email validation link. This will arrive within a few minutes of you registering your email address and password on the website. If you receive the email at any other point, the chances are that it is not from us so be aware and don’t click on any links within the email.


What is Tendobot?

Tendobot is our crawler which identifies the skills, knowledge and experience companies need from their staff. Find out more about Tendobot.


Job Hunter FAQ


Where Do I Upload My CV

A Curriculum Vitae, CV, is a document which was designed over 500 years ago with Leonardo da Vinci being credited as the first professional to write a résumé in 1482. When it comes to applying for jobs, the CV is an outdated method and a method that is extremely inefficient for both applicants and employers. Everyone “works well on their own or as part of a team”. Boring. Employers want to see your passion for what you do, so at Tendo Jobs we provide the platform to allow you to showcase yourself by matching your skills, knowledge and experience directly with what the employer is looking for. Much more effective.


Why Can’t I See Salary Information

Login to your account and you will have full access to the salary information for all jobs that are listed.


Where Can I Write a Covering Letter?

When applying for a job you can write an Opening Statement to introduce yourself which is designed to entice the employer to read through your job application.


What Happens When I Submit My Job Application?

When you apply for a job, the employer will be informed and can review your application alongside all other job hunters who have also applied for the job. Employers often receive hundreds of job applications for a single job which is why your job application is run through our sophisticated jRank algorithm which prioritises all job applications based on how well suited the applicant is for the job.

The prioritised list of job applications is then presented to the employer to make sifting through applications nice and simple. The better suited you are to the job listing, the more visible you will be to the employer which increases your chances of being invited to interview, so write an awesome job application that makes you stand out from other job applicants.


I’ve Found a Job, How Do I Close My Account?

We would always recommend keeping your account open to save your data for future if you decide to look for another job.


What Personal Information Can Employers See About Me?

Employers want to get to know you as much as possible so they have access to the information that is specific to the job you are applying for including, job application details, personal information including contact details and work history. All of the traditional information that you would provide to an employer when applying for a job. We do not ask or store any sensitive information such as Passport Numbers, National Insurance Numbers, Birth Certifications or similar official documentation about yourself. Employers will require these when you are offered a job so please deal directly with employers at this stage.

We do not share information with employers about your future ambitions or other information that is related to your account on Tendo Jobs. This information is used for your benefit only to allow you to find the perfect job and new opportunity that you are looking for. Any information that you provide about your future ambitions is used to personalise the data that you see on the website to make it even easier to find your perfect job.


How Many Jobs Can I Apply For?

As many as you wish. The more jobs you apply for, the higher your chances of being invited to interview.


How Can I Contact the Employer?

Once you have applied for the job, if the employer likes what they have read in your application they can either invite you to a phone interview or standard interview. When they invite you to interview for further discussions, contact details will be shared to allow you to discuss the job in more detail with the employer. If there is anything you are unsure about related to the job, it would be recommended to ask questions as part of your job application within the relevant field.

Employers get bombarded with phone calls, emails and more related to recruitment so it would be recommended to only use the Tendo Jobs system to communicate with employers as this is the platform they will be using to manage all applications and questions related to the job. While employers are encouraged to inform applicants if they have been unsuccessful, this may not always happen, so it is safe to assume that if you haven’t heard back about a job then you have been unsuccessful.


How Can I Email a Job to a Friend?

Open your normal email account and email your friend with the job listing page which can be found in the address bar for your browser.


How Do I Know the Jobs Are Real?

When new employers sign up to Tendo Jobs they go through a rigorous process to validate their business and identity is genuine. Many job websites are full of fake jobs posted by recruitment consultants and recruitment agencies which are purely designed to capture your details which are then used in a scattergun approach to fire your CV out to anyone and everyone with the off chance someone will take notice. You will find no jobs on Tendo Jobs posted by recruitment consultants which means that you are dealing directly with the company who has the job vacancy who can pass the traditional savings on recruitment costs to yourself.


Why Do I Need to Create An Account to Apply for Jobs?

To make your life easier. Within your account there are many cool tools and tips that will help you find a job faster and easier. It only takes a couple of minutes to create an account and you can edit your details afterwards.


I Haven’t Received a Response from a Job Application, What Should I Do?

Employers receive an awful lot of applications for every job and don’t always have the time to respond to everyone individually. Employers are encouraged to inform applicants if they have been unsuccessful and have simple mechanisms to do so. It could be that the employer is waiting for more job applications before they start contacting people. Be patient and in the meantime, there are lots more jobs to continue applying for.


Employers FAQ


I Can’t Find the New Job I Just Posted

To maintain the quality of all jobs on Tendo Jobs, we manually review every job that is listed. We generally approve jobs within a couple of hours, be patient, you’ll receive an email once your job has been approved

My Job Has Disappeared After I Edited Some Details

To maintain the quality of all jobs on Tendo Jobs, we manually review every job that has been edited. We generally approve jobs within a couple of hours, be patient, you’ll receive an email once your job has been approved.


How Are Jobs Prioritised in the Search Results

We use a sophisticated algorithm called JobRank which will prioritise jobs based on their relevancy. The more relevant your job listing is for the search query, the higher your listing will appear in the results when applicants are searching for jobs. Job Hunters want to find out as much about a job as possible before they invest their time applying for the job, which is why better job listings are prioritised higher in the search results as this is what Job Hunters are looking for.


How Can I Influence the JobRank Algorithm for the Search Results

Write an awesome job listing!


Why Do I Have to Show Salary Information

To attract the right candidates to your vacancy you need to be showing salary information before job hunters apply. Expecting quality applicants to apply for a job without knowing the salary details is not going to happen. You will end up with inexperienced staff applying for senior positions and experienced staff not applying as they believe the salary is too low. If you don’t want to be specific with the salary details, list your job as having a negotiable salary with a minimum and maximum level.